Hello i’m danish. I’m 23 years old. I’m a girl who has long hair, big eyes with nice eyebrows, big tit tooth, chubby cheeks, and a charming smile. I’m someone who has a good personality, hard worker relaxed, and creative young people. I love to design clothes, sew their own, and make the clothes look beautiful (like me :p). I sew in my office that the size is not more than 10m2, and often only accompanied by coffee slowly started to cool down before I finish my work. I love to help people create clothes that make the person who using it look more beautiful. I also often design and make accessories. Such as bags, and so on. I am glad a lot of people who use the product of my work.

If you are interested in me, come to my house and told my dad and my mom if you want to marry me.#ehh I mean, if you are interested and want to design some apparel, dress, and so on, do not hesitate, contact me immediately.
Thank you. Regards, Danish Brown.